Unmanned Aircraft Systems

In recent years, commercial, industrial and recreational use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, has grown significantly. The popularity and user-friendly nature of these systems has fueled rapid development and enhanced worldwide availability of UAS technology. While most UAS users are performing legitimate activities, or simply having fun, the misuse of UAS has also increased. Several significant incidents have occurred:

  • Airport operations being disrupted or shut down
  • Sightings near nuclear facilities
  • Attempted attacks on government figures

Due to the security challenges posed by UAS, counter-UAS (CUAS) commercial technologies and solutions are being developed to sense, assess, track, and mitigate these threats. The UAS and CUAS program at the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration's Office of International Nuclear Security (INS) works with foreign partners to provide technical exchanges, awareness, training, guidance, collaborative research and testing, and technical outreach. INS leverages decades of subject matter experience in security system research and development, testing and evaluation, design and deployment, site assessments, and robotics. INS is actively seeking partners and opportunities to share information within the UAS and CUAS domain, for the protection of nuclear facilities.Technical Exchanges and Workshops

The INS CUAS program is leveraging the capabilities of the US national laboratories to assist partner countries and foreign sites in addressing unmanned threats or incorporating drones into physical security. This includes outreach, awareness briefings and trainings, and technical exchange meetings to share ideas and approaches

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