“Attacks can come from every possible direction—defense is not two-dimensional,” says Jordan Parks, manager of Sandia’s Global Security Analysis and Simulation team.

Created to enhance physical security curriculum for the International Atomic Energy Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration, Scribe3D and PathTrace are free technologies that can help develop, test, and asses your physical security system with interactive tabletop exercises using customized software, virtual facilities, realistic scenarios, and security analysis tools.

“Defenders can develop scenarios that test current defenses, then use these tools to look at how changes to procedures, facilities, or technology might influence the outcome,” says Jordan. “It allows physical security forces at facilities worldwide to continuously improve their response to current and future threats.”

  • Scribe 3D: Conduct visually rich and responsive tabletop training exercises on software developed using modern game engine technology,
  • PathTrace: Analyze the visual footprint of your facility, its protection system layer, target, adversary pathway, and timelines.

These tools, licensing, training, and support are free to register partners, and are already in use by partners in the U.S. and foreign governments, industry, and universities.

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