Sabotage Protection v1.0

Discussion on how to protect against sabotage at nuclear and radiological facilities using DBT and other nuclear security disciplines.

Protection against sabotage at nuclear and radiological facilities encompasses the following nuclear security disciplines: Design Basis Threat, explosive/blast analysis, dose assessment, dispersion modeling, Design Basis Accident and Beyond Design Basis Accident, fault tree analysis, and Vital Area Identification.

Course content examines these disciplines and prepares partner States to enhance facilities’ abilities to protect against sabotage attacks; reviews relevant international legal and guidance documents; and examines levels of threat, vulnerability, physical protection, and consequence for sabotage at nuclear power plants, research reactors, and for spent nuclear fuel.

  • Audience: Competent Authorities, licensees, managers, nuclear security personnel, protective force, response personnel
  • Days/Participants: 3/20
  • Modality: Classroom instruction, small/large group exercises
  • Suggested Prerequisite(s): Fundamentals of Nuclear Security, Fundamentals of Physical Protection Systems
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