Technical Exchange on Insider Threat

The Technical Exchange will be an In Person event hosted by ANSTO at its Lucas Heights Campus (in Sydney, Australia)

With threats to nuclear facilities continuously evolving, the development and implementation of insider threat mitigation programs is increasingly important. The IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 8 defines the term ‘insider’ to describe “an individual with authorized access to [nuclear material,] associated facilities or associated activities or to sensitive information or sensitive information assets, who could commit, or facilitate the commission of criminal or intentional unauthorized acts involving or directed at nuclear material, other radioactive material, associated facilities or associated activities or other acts determined by the State to have an adverse impact on nuclear security.

The purpose of this technical exchange is to provide participants with the opportunity to discuss the: attributes of insiders; motivations of insiders; categories of insiders; and identification of potential insider threats specific to their country and facility through presentations, group discussion and case studies. 

The objectives of the technical exchange are to:

  • Identify Insider Threat risks, vulnerabilities and areas of improvement within an organization
  • Understand ways to assess and evaluate current Insider Threat Mitigation Programs for areas of improvement and make enhancements
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies and actionable steps that can be taken to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats within an organization
  • Discuss and share best practices associated to the mitigations within an Insider Threat Mitigation Program.

The technical exchange is open to individuals actively involved in or responsible for Insider Threat Mitigation Programs at nuclear facilities including:

  • Personnel Security or Vetting
  • Site Security Managers
  • Trustworthiness and Reliability programs management and staff
  • Regulators
  • Physical Security and Technical (including Cyber) Managers
  • Law enforcement or military officers involved in insider threat programs

The technical exchange will be held in English. Attendees will be expected to provide a presentation on their host countries insider threat mitigation program and participate in group discussions and activities.


Consideration may be given for funding travel costs to attend the course for select participants. Space is limited. Registration to this event does not guarantee participation. For further questions, please contact Tiffany Gossett at



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